Milieu as a brand is committed to sourcing ethically and responsibly; we work only with organizations and suppliers with the same values and goals as we have. This is very important to us. We ensure all products we are developing directly impact the community where the artisans and makers live in a positive way.  Our ranges are committed to showcasing indigenous culture in the way of traditional textile techniques. We are also confident our product is of the highest quality and we have stringent quality practices in place, as we want our products to last.  We are all about slow and thoughtful fashionable accessories with a purpose.

We hope to expand our range to also support other communities of people beyond South America and Indonesia and we hope you will partner with us to help make a significant impact around the world.  We are only just getting started. 

Mayan Families - www.mayanfamilies.org 


Their mission is to facilitate enduring, sustainable programs that promote community development. They believe that one of the most valuable things they can give to families is the opportunity for stable work and to be financially self-reliant. Their objective is to stimulate long-term progress through vocational training and micro-finance while providing family support to those in critical need. Aiming to empower and collaborate with each community to create lasting positive growth.  We work directly with the Artisan program leader to develop products for our ranges.

For many impoverished Guatemalans limited by a lack of education and employment in their communities, beading, sewing and weaving crafts can be the key to providing for their families. Unfortunately, often times artisans are forced to work for a central buyer who compensates them with a menial wage relative to their hours of skilled work. Moreover, payment schedules are inconsistent and sometimes artisans do not receive the full amount they are owed.

The Artisan programme focuses on purchasing handcrafted beaded jewellery, handbags, houseware, accessories and more, directly from local Guatemalans at an ethically determined price. The sales of fair-wage Guatemalan artisan handicrafts not only allows Mayan Families to continue to run various programs in their local community, it provides women and men with the chance at economic advancement, supports the local economy and provides each recipient with a beautiful piece of Guatemala.


Weavers of Hope

In the heart of beautiful Guatemala lives a community of indigenous women who weave traditional clothing, handbags, shawls, and other products unique to their regions by Lake Atitlán. This cooperative began in 2014 with 5 women. Today, it provides an economic opportunity for 25 dedicated women, the majority of whom are single mothers. With each product sold, 75% of the profits go directly to the weaver. They hope to increase the number of women who are part of this cooperative as well as the amount that they gain from each sale of their products. They are always looking for ways to expand our projects and improve the living standards of our community members. This is made possible with your support in purchasing Milieu products.

Proyecto Niñas con Futuro - translates to mean ‘Project Girls with the Future’

Their main focus is improving the living conditions of girls aged 0 to 16 years, so that they can be educated not only in school but also in life skills. By supporting the future of the girls they are transforming the future of the country of Guatemala. Their actions are aimed at improving the lives of 100% of the girls in these communities. Your support purchasing Milieu today means scholarships for many of these girls are being funded, our key supplier is committed to donating a portion of their profit to this organisation.