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What is Milieu?

We are an accessories brand that values people, culture and design. Creating partnerships with skilled artisans across the globe that directly benefits them and their local communities.

Our Story

Milieu was inspired by designer Meredith’s experiences working in commercial textiles dealing with big box retailers. Being involved in designing products that were cheap and mass-produced from China she felt inspired to make her own label that had purpose and that genuinely impacted peoples lives.

After spending lots of time thinking and dreaming about what her first collection could be or look like she saw a video online talking about textiles made by Mayan tribes in Guatemala. The documentary revealed how this art form that dates back hundred of years was being lost. The beautiful craft and designs of the artisans were and still are being appropriated. With none of the money made ever making it back to the communities of people who essentially invented these patterns and techniques.

Meredith then saw an opportunity to create a brand that not only has beautiful unique textile focused products but also on promoting and encouraging crafts form different indigenous cultures all over the world.  Her colourful accessories brand is vibrant and eclectic.  She has sourced and worked tirelessly with the indigenous people to bring you high quality items.

Milieu means: a person's social environment.